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Curriculum Dual Degree

Studying B.Tech at IIT Bhubaneswar offers much more than a standard engineering study. The B.Tech programme at the institute is multidimensional; encouraging interdisciplinary studies, it further focuses on extracurricular activities like sports, music, dance, fine arts, entrepreneurship, social work, projects, and in-house internships. Students have the freedom to contribute to its growing academic and cultural ethos besides plenty of opportunities for one’s creativity to flourish. This is what makes the ecosystem of IIT Bhubaneswar unique. The academic environment of the institute and the faculty are student friendly, which helps the student to explore his potentials to the fullest. The institute is keen to inculcate the spirit of curiosity and research in the students. It encourages its students to develop new technologies, which will not only have a technological relevance but also a social impact. Therein lies the USP of the institute. From gathering study materials to applying for internships nationally and internationally, to arranging sponsors for the various fests and societies, the student gets the opportunity to do things independently, through mutual collaboration and a shared sense of responsibility. Besides engineering, the institute provides a plethora of learning prospects in management, humanities, communication skills, arts, general studies, etc. which will broaden the vision and hone the personality of the students.
IIT Bhubaneswar offers dual degree programmes in which both  B.Tech and M.tech degree is awarded.The duration of the course is 5 years/10 semesters. The discipline wise programs with M.Tech. specializations are given below.
B.Tech Discipline
M.Tech. Specialization
Curriculum & Syllabus
1st & 2nd Semester
3-10 Semester
1 Civil Engg. Environmental Engg.
2 Structural Engg.
3 Transportation Engg.
4 Computer Science and Engg. Computer Science and Engg.
5 Electrical Engg. Power Electronics and Drives
6 Mechanical Engg. Manufacturing Engg.
7 Mechanical Systems Design
8 Thermal Science and Engg.
9 Metallurgical Engg. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering
Breadth Subjects
Lateral Subjects
Open Electives
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