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Curriculum M.Sc

The M.Sc Programmes at IIT Bhubaneswar interfaces science, technology and engineering. The courses are designed not only to keep up the scientific temper but also to channelize students towards breakthroughs in scientific progress and push their intellectual capacity to new frontiers of science. The School of Basic Sciences is not a traditional department and floats various courses in Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Bio Sciences, Nano Sciences, and Novel Material Research to maintain the multidisciplinary approach towards curricula and research. The syllabus is an exhaustive study of the core concepts along with seminars and project/thesis through which a student may develop his/her theoretical, practical and experimental understanding of the topics. M.Sc. Programmes Fee Strucuture

Curriculum & Syllabus
School of Basic Sciences
1 Chemistry
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2 Physics
3 Mathematics
School of Earth, Ocean and Climate Sciences
4 Geology
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5 Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences
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