IIT Bhubaneswar

Faculty Members

Faculty NamePosition SchoolContact NoEmailProfile Link
Dr. Akshaya Kumar Rath Associate ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-akrath@iitbbs.ac.in / akrath2001@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Aparna Pandey Assistant professorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management+91 6747132037(office) +91-9900076835 (Mo)aparnapandey@iitbbs.ac.in / ap.aparna11@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Abhijit Datta Banik Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 6747135108adattabanik@iitbbs.ac.in / banikad@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Abhik Jana Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-abhikjana@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Abhishek Chowdhury Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 6747135174achowdhury@iitbbs.ac.in / achowdhurig@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Akash Ashirbad Panda Assistant professorBasic Sciences-akashpanda@iitbbs.ac.in / akashp595@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh Associate ProfessorBasic SciencesOffice: +91 674-7135114; Lab: +91-674-7135350aksingh@iitbbs.ac.in / akhileshiitk@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Akshay K. Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences +91 674713-5784akshay[at]iitbbs[dot]ac[dot]in View Profile
Prof. Akshay Kumar Ojha Visiting ProfessorBasic Sciences-akojha@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Amar Deep Sarkar Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-amar@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Amrit B. Sahu Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences-amritbsahu@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Amrita Satapathy Associate ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-asatapathy@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Amritendu Roy Associate ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering+91 674-713-6904amritendu@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Anamitra Basu Associate ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management+91 674 713 6406anamitrabasu@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Anasuya Roychowdhury Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5106aroychowdhury@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Aneesh M Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-aneesh(AT)iitbbs.ac.in / aneeshkolappa at gmail dot com View Profile
Prof. Animesh Mandal Professor, HoSMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering+91 674-713-6906animesh@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Anirban Bhattacharya Associate ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 9886557225anirban@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Ankit Dalal Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5720ankitdalal@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Ankit Ravindra Deshmukh Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-ankitd@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Anoop Thomas Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5760anoopthomas@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Anush Konayakanahalli Chandrappa Assistant ProfessorInfrastructure-akc@iitbbs.ac.in / anushiitkgp.ce@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Arindam Sarkar Associate ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674 713 6606asarkar@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Arpan Dutta  Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-arpandutta@iitbbs.ac.in / arpan.cmi@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Arun Kumar Pradhan ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-713-7112akpradhan@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Ashim Sattar Assistant ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences-ashimsattar@iitbbs.ac.in / ashim.sattar@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Ashis Biswas ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 6747135118abiswas@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Ashna Jacob Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-ashnajacob@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Ashwini K Nanda ProfessorElectrical Sciences-ashwini@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Atri Mukhopadhyay Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-atrim@iitbbs.ac.in / atri.mukherji11@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Avijit Kumar Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674 713 5176avijitkumar@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Avishek Bhandari Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-avishekb@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Ayan Palchaudhuri Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-ayan@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. B. Hanumantha Rao Associate ProfessorInfrastructure+91 9439739910/ +91 674-713-6614bhrao@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Bankim Chandra Mahanta Assistant ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences-bankimcm@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Bankim Chandra Mandal Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5160bmandal(AT)iitbbs(DOT)ac(DOT)in View Profile
Dr. Barathram. Ramkumar Associate ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 6747135710barathram@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Biplab Paul Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-bpaul@iitbbs.ac.in / paulbiplab0@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Brahma Deo MGM Chair ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering+91 674-713-7001/+91 9935440901bdeo@iitk.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Chandrasekhar Bhamidipati Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5126chandrasekhar@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Chandrasekhar Perumalla Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 6747135756pcsekhar@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Chandrashekhar Narayan Bhende ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674 713 5712cnb@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Chetan Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-713-7134chetan@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Debadatta Swain Associate ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 674-713-5508dswain@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. DEBAJYOTI CHOUDHURI Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences-dchoudhuri@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Debalina Ghosh Associate ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5714deghosh@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Debapratim Ghosh Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674 713 5758debapratim[AT]iitbbs[DOT]ac[DOT]in; debapratim[AT]ieee[DOT]org View Profile
Dr. Debasis Basu Associate ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674 713 6608dbasu@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Debi Prosad Dogra Associate Head [Computer Science Engg.], Associate ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5716 dpdogra@iitbbs.ac.in / debiprosadcom@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Debiprasanna Sahoo Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-dpsahoo@iitbbs.ac.in / debiprasanna.sahoo@ieee.org View Profile
Dr. Devashree Tripathy Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-devashreetripathy@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Devesh Punera Assistant ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674 713 6626devesh[AT]iitbbs.ac.in / puneradevesh12[AT]gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Dipanjan Dey Assistant ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences-dipanjandey@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Dipankar De Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5718/ +91 9439685933dipankar@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Divyansh Patel Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 6747137130dspatel@iitbbs.ac.in / divyanshpatel.008@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Dukhabandhu Sahoo Associate Professor, HoS (SHSSM)Humanities, Social Sciences and Management+91 674 713 6408 (Office)dsahoo@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Gaurav Bartarya Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-713-7114bartarya@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Goutam Mondal Associate ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674-713-6612gmondal@iitbbs.ac.in / goutam.mondal@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Hemant Kumar Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5178hemant@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Himanshu Pramod Padole Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-himanshupadole@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Indrajit Jana Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-ijana@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Indresh Yadav Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 8957614226indresh@iitbbs.ac.in / indresh@mit.edu View Profile
Dr. Jiarul Midya Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 6297708417jmidya@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Jothi Saravanan T Assistant professorInfrastructure+91 7008588061 (M); +91 674-7136646 (O)tjs@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Joy Chandra Mukherjee Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5775joy@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Kiranmayi Landu Associate ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 674 713-5512kiranmayi@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Kisor Kumar Sahu Associate ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering+91 674-713-6914kisorsahu@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Kodanda Ram Mangipudi Assistant ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering+91 674-713-6924kodanda@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Kousik Samanta Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5128kousik@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Madhusmita Dash Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-madhusmita@iitbbs.ac.in / madhuu.dash@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Mahendaran Uchimali Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences-mahendaran@iitbbs.ac.in / mahendaranuchimali@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Mahendra Kumar Gupta Assistant professorBasic Sciences-mkgupta@iitbbs.ac.in / mahendra14389@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Malay Kumar Bandyopadhyay Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5130malay@iitbbs.ac.in / malaybnj@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Manas Jyoti Kashyop Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-manaskashyop [at] iitbbs [dot] ac [dot] in View Profile
Prof. Manas Mohan Mahapatra Professor, HoSMechanical Sciences+91 674 713-7116mmmahapatra@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Manaswini Behera Associate ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674-713 6616manaswini@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Maneesh Punetha Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences-maneeshp@iitbbs.ac.in / maneesh40@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Manoranjan Satpathy ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5728manoranjan@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Maya Katapadi Kini Assistant ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering-mayakini@iitbbs.ac.in / kini.mayakatapadi@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Meenu Ramadas Associate ProfessorInfrastructure-meenu@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Mihir Kumar Das ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-713-7118mihirdas@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Mihir Kumar Pandit ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-713 7120mihir@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Miral Verma Assistant ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering+91 809-029-0924miralverma@iitbbs.ac.in / miralverma4@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Mohammad Masiur Rahaman Assistant ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674-7136920masiurr@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Mohit Somani Assistant ProfessorInfrastructure-mohitsomani@iitbbs.ac.in / msomani02@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. N. C. Sahoo ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5732ncsahoo@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Naresh Chandra Sahu Associate ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management+91 674 713 6410naresh@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Narsa Reddy Tummuru Associate ProfessorElectrical Sciences-tummuru@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Navjeet Bagga Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 6747135730navjeet@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Nawaz Hussain Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-nawazhussain@iitbbs.ac.in / nawaz.hussain.wt@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Neelam Saikia Assistant professorBasic Sciences-neelamsaikia@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Nihar Ranjan Jena Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management+91 674 713-6418nrjena@iitbbs.ac.in / nihar1915@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Niharika Mohapatra Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674 713 5134niharika@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Nijwm Wary Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674 713 5764nijwmwary@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Niladri Bihari Puhan Associate ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5734nbpuhan[At]iitbbs.ac.in / nbpuhan[At]gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Nirmalendu Acharyya Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674 713 5180nirmalendu@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Nirupam Karmakar Assistant ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences-nirupam@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Nitya Tiwari Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-nityatiwari@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Olive Ray Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5772olive@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. P. Dinakar ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674 713 6610pdinakar@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Padmalochan Bera Associate ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5736plb@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Palas Roy Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-palasroy@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Pankaj Dilip Achlerkar Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-pankaj@iitbbs.ac.in / pankajachlerkar@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Parlapalli Venkata Satyam ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5884satyam@iitbbs.ac.in / pvsatyam22@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Partha Pratim Dey Associate ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674 713 6620ppdey@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Partha Sarathi De Associate ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering-parthasarathi.de@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Pattabhi Ramaiah Budarapu Associate ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-7137124pattabhi@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Prama Bhattacharya Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-prama@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Pramod Padmanabhan Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-ppadmana@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Prasant Kumar Sahu ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-7135738pks@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Prasenjit Rath Associate ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674 713-7126prath@iitbbs.ac.in / prasenjit.rath@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Pravas Ranjan Sahu ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5740prs@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Punyashree Panda Associate ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management+91 9040680971ppanda@iitbbs.ac.in / punyashreepanda@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Puspendu Bhunia ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674-713-6622pbhunia@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. R Venkata Raghavan Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-raghavan(AT)iitbbs(DOT)ac(DOT)in View Profile
Dr. Raj K. Singh Associate ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 674-7135516rksingh@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Rajakumar Guduru Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management+91 9052216604/ +91 674-713-6414rajakumarguduru@iitbbs.ac.in / raja.ciefl@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Rajan Jha Professor, HoSBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5136rjha@iitbbs.ac.in / rajaniitd@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Rajesh Roshan Dash ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674-713-6628 (O)rrdash@iitbbs.ac.in / rajeshroshan77@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Rajeswari J S Assistant ProfessorInfrastructure-rajeswarijs@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Rama Krushna Sabat Assistant ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering+91 674-713-6912rsabat@iitbbs.ac.in / rama.nitrkl@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Ramu Nair Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-ramunair@iitbbs.ac.in / ramun@iisc.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Ravi Yadav Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-raviyadav@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Remya Neelancherry Associate ProfessorInfrastructure-remya@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Richa Shukla Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-richashukla@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. S K Panda ProfessorInfrastructureMob:+91 9570151300sarat@iitbbs.ac.in / sarat@iitism.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Sabyasachi Pani ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5138spani@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Saket Dubey Assistant ProfessorInfrastructure+91 9741171476saketdubey@iitbbs.ac.in / saketdubey4@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Sandeep K K Assistant ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 9873089558sandeepkk@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Sandeep Pattnaik Associate ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 674-713-5500spt@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Sankarsan Mohapatro Associate Head [Electrical Engg.], Associate Professor,Electrical Sciences+91 674-7135744sankarsan[at]iitbbs[dot]ac[dot]in View Profile
Dr. Santanu Mandal Assistant ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering-santanumandal@iitbbs.ac.in / - View Profile
Dr. Santhoshkumar G Assistant ProfessorInfrastructure+91 9597681149 (M)santhoshg@iitbbs.ac.in / santhosh.gtech@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Saroj Kumar Nayak ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5140nayaks@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Sasidhar Kondaraju Associate ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-713-7132sasidhar@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Sasmita Barik Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-7135142sasmita AT iitbbs DOT ac DOT in View Profile
Dr. Satchidananda Rath Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 9439858204/ +91 674-713-5144srath@iitbbs.ac.in / snrath08@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Satish Dhandole Associate ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674 713 7136satish@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Satish Kumar Panda Assistant professorMechanical Sciences-skpanda@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Satyanarayan Panigrahi Associate ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674 713 7138psatyan@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Sayan Dey Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 6747135768sayandey@iitbbs.ac.in / sdsayandey421@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Sayel Basel Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-sayelbasel@iitbbs.ac.in / - View Profile
Dr. Seema Bahinipati Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674 713-5146seema.bahinipati@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Selvaraja S Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-selvas@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Shantanu Pal ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674 7135148spal@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Shantanu Patra Associate ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674-713-6634shantanupatra@iitbbs.ac.in / patrashantanu@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Shreepad Karmalkar Director & ProfessorElectrical Sciences-karmal@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Shreya Ghosh Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences-shreya@iitbbs.ac.in / shreya.cse.iitkgp@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Shyama Prasad Das ProfessorElectrical Sciences-spdas@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Shyamal Chatterjee Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5150shyamal@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Siddhartha S. Borkotoky Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674 713 5780borkotoky@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Simontini Sensarma Assistant ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 9765108045simontini@iitbbs.ac.in / simontinisensarma@gmai.com View Profile
Dr. Sitakanta Panda Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-spanda@iitbbs.ac.in / sitakanta764@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Sivaiah Bathula Associate ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringOffice: +91 674-7136914sivaiahb@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Snehasis Chowdhuri ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5152snehasis@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Snigdha Ghosh Assistant ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering-snigdha@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Soham Roychowdhury Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-713-7110soham@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Soobhankar Pati Associate ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering-spati@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Soumendra Rana Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-7135154 (Office); +91 674-7135354 (Lab)soumendra@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Soumya Prakash Dash Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5774spdash[at]iitbbs[dt]ac[dt]in View Profile
Dr. Soumya Ranjan Sahoo Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 6747137106soumyasahoo@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Soumyashree Debasis Sahoo Assistant ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 8249786892soumyashreedebasis@iitbbs.ac.in / soumyashree100@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Sourav Sil Associate ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 6747135520souravsil@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Sreetama Misra Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-sreetama@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Srikant Gollapudi Associate ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering+91 674-713-6916/+91 9566288703srikantg@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Srikanta Patra Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-7135156srikanta@iitbbs.ac.in / patra17@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Srinivas Bhaskar Karanki Associate ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 674-713-5746skaranki@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Srinivas Boppu Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 6747135752srinivas@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Srinivas Pinisetty Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 8985679665spinisetty[AT]iitbbs.ac.in / srinu85.pinisetty[AT]gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujam Kannan Associate ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-7137140sramanujam@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Subhransu Ranjan Samantaray Professor, HoSElectrical Sciences+91 674 713 5750srs@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Sudipta Pramanik Assistant ProfessorMinerals, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering-spramanik@iitbbs.ac.in / - View Profile
Dr. Sudipta Saha Assistant ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 9732931011sudipta@iitbbs.ac.in / sudipta.saha.iit@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. Sujit Roy ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-7135158sroy@iitbbs.ac.in / sujitroy.chem@gmail.com/ royiitkgp@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Suman Deb Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674 713 7181sumandeb@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Sumanta Haldar Professor, HoSInfrastructure+91 674-713-6636sumanta@iitbbs.ac.in / sumanta.haldar@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Sunil Kumar Prajapati Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5160skprajapati@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Suresh R Dash Associate ProfessorInfrastructure+91 8018355444/ +91 674-713-6638srdash@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Suvradip Mullick Assistant ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-713-7142suvradip@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Swarup Kumar Mahapatra ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674 713 7144swarup@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Swathi Krishna S Assistant ProfessorHumanities, Social Sciences and Management-swathi@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Syed Hilal Farooq Associate Professor, HoSEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 674-713-5522hilalfarooq@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. T.V.S. Sekhar ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674 713 5162sekhartvs@iitbbs.ac.in / sekhartvs@yahoo.co.in View Profile
Dr. Tabrez Khan Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674 7135164tabrez@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Tapas Kumar Biswal Visiting ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences-tkbiswal@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Tarakanta Nayak Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5166tnayakATiitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Tarutal Ghosh Mondal Assistant ProfessorInfrastructure-tgmondal@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Tirtha Roy Biswas Assistant ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674 713 6906 tirtharoybiswas@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Tuhin Patra Assistant ProfessorBasic Sciences-tuhinpatra@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Umaprasana Ojha ProfessorBasic Sciences-uojha@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Umesh Chandra Sahoo Associate ProfessorInfrastructure+91 674 7136640ucsahoo@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. V. Pandu Ranga ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 977 621 9149/ +91 674-713-7122pandu@iitbbs.ac.in / panduvundavilli@gmail.com View Profile
Prof. V. R. Pedireddi ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-713-5168vr.pedireddi@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Prof. Vasudeva Rao Allu ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674-7135120avrao@iitbbs.ac.in / alluvasudevarao(AT)gmail(DOT)com View Profile
Dr. Venugopal Arumuru Associate ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 6747137146venugopal@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Vijay Shankar Pasupureddi, Associate Head(Electronics and Communication Engineering), Associate Professor, Marqueesemi Chair ProfessorElectrical Sciences+91 969 23 11 456vijay@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Vijayakrishna Kari Associate ProfessorBasic Sciences+91 674 713 5122kvijayakrishna@iitbbs.ac.in / vijayakrishnakari@gmail.com View Profile
Dr. Vinoj. V Associate ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences-vinoj[at]iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Yengkhom Kesorjit Singh Assistant ProfessorEarth, Ocean and Climate Sciences+91 6371119583yksingh@iitbbs.ac.in View Profile
Dr. Yogesh G. Bhumkar Associate ProfessorMechanical Sciences+91 674-713-7148bhumkar@iitbbs.ac.in / bhumkaryogesh@gmail.com View Profile
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