IIT Bhubaneswar

The Computer and Information Technology Cell (CITSC) of IIT Bhubaneswar has state of art servers, connected on a high-speed Gigabit Optical Fiber /UTP based network in a distributed environment. CITSC has implemented a solution for conducting online classes. Using this solution classes has been conducted Online successfully at IIT Bhubaneswar during the COVID-19 pandemic. CITSC has implemented solution in-house to hold conventional examination Online with invigilation in virtual examination halls and using this solution End-semester examinations had been conducted Online successfully at IIT Bhubaneswar. During COVID-19 pandemic, CITSC played a major role in successfully conducting the 10th convocation of the Institute in hybrid mode where degree certificates were awarded to students in-person and also in online mode. Our team provides support for conducting conferences, seminars and meetings in online mode and for live streaming different events. Audio-Visual facilities of classrooms are implemented and maintained by the in-house team of CITSC. Laboratories, faculty offices and staff offices are provided with telephone as well as with wired/wireless internet/intranet connectivity. CITSC provided document cameras, MS Teams facility and projectors in connection with classes in hybrid mode. All the members of IIT Bhubaneswar campus including students, faculty, staffs and officers are provided with e-mail ID a user-friendly e-mail system to access mails, both from inside and outside of the campus. The campus network is protected with state-of-the-art antiviruses and next-generation UTM.

The Institute is connected with high-speed Gigabit Connectivity under NKN. Besides this, the institute is also having 200 Mbps PGCIL ILL. The Institute is having its own telephone exchange which can cater up to 10,000 users. The Institute is also having several hot-spot Wi-Fi points which is being used by the IIT Bhubaneswar users for wireless connectivity as well as an E-class room that allows users to access different academic video content. CITSC also provides video conferencing facilities to the Institute users utilizing desktop video conferencing as well based on hardware video conferencing. All the faculty members and students have access to the Institute developed ERP. The ERP is being used for students grading, feedback, academics and admissions as well as for placement related activities. ICT needs of the institute is being planned and executed by the in-house team of IIT Bhubaneswar. CITSC team provides round the year network and hardware supports to all the members of the Institute. Our team encourages use of free and open source software among the campus inmates. Our team also provides supports to several advanced and special purpose software such as Ansys, Matlab, Mathematica, etc.,

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