IIT Bhubaneswar

Annual Property Returns

List of Faculties and Group A Officer submitted the Immovable Property Returns for the year 2022 (as on 01.01.2023)




AIPR submitted

1Prof. Sreepad KarmalkarDirectorYes
2Prof. Sujit RoyProfessorYes
3Prof. V R PedireddiProfessorYes
4Prof. P.V. SatyamProfessorYes
5Prof. Subhransu Ranjan SamantarayProfessorYes
6Prof. Nirod Chandra SahooProfessorYes
7Prof. Chandrashekhar N BhendeProfessorYes
8Prof. Pravas Ranjan SahuProfessorYes
9Prof. Prasant Kumar SahuProfessorYes
10Prof. Sumanta HalderProfessorYes
11Prof. Rajesh Roshan DashProfessorYes
12Prof. Swarup Kumar MahapatraProfessorYes
13Prof. Manas Mohan MahapatraProfessorYes
14Dr. Rajan JhaAssociate ProfessorYes
15Dr. Shyamal ChatterjeeAssociate ProfessorYes
16Dr. Niharika MohapatraAssociate ProfessorYes
17Dr. Malay Kumar BandyopadhyayAssociate ProfessorYes
18Dr. Seema BahinipatiAssociate ProfessorYes
19Dr. Snehasis ChowdhuriAssociate ProfessorYes
20Dr. Ashis BiswasAssociate ProfessorYes
21Dr. Kari VijayakrishnaAssociate ProfessorYes
22Dr. Srikanta PatraAssociate ProfessorYes
23Dr. Tabrez KhanAssociate ProfessorYes
24Dr. Sasmita BarikAssociate ProfessorYes
25Dr. Vasudeva Rao AlluAssociate ProfessorYes
26Dr. Tarakanta NayakAssociate ProfessorYes
27Dr. Abhijit Dutta BanikAssociate ProfessorYes
28Dr. Soumendra RanaAssociate ProfessorYes
29Dr. Sankarsan MohapatroAssociate ProfessorYes
30Dr. Debi Prosad DograAssociate ProfessorYes
31Dr. Debalina GhoshAssociate ProfessorYes
32Dr. Niladri Bihari PuhanAssociate ProfessorYes
33Dr. Partha Pratim DeyAssociate ProfessorYes
34Dr. Arindam SarkarAssociate ProfessorYes
35Dr. Umesh Chandra SahooAssociate ProfessorYes
36Dr. Hanumantha Rao BendadiAssociate ProfessorYes
37Dr. Suresh Ranjan DashAssociate ProfessorYes
38Or. Manaswini BeheraAssociate ProfessorYes
39Dr. Remya NeelancherryAssociate Professoryes
40Dr. Arun Kumar PradhanAssociate ProfessorYes
41Dr. Satyanarayan PanigrahiAssociate ProfessorYes
42Dr. Mihir Kumar DasAssociate ProfessorYes
43Dr. Pandu Ranga VundavilliAssociate ProfessorYes
44Dr. Prasenjit RathAssociate ProfessorYes
4SDr. Satish Daulatrao DhandoleAssociate ProfessorYes
46Dr. Animesh MandalAssociate ProfessorYes
47Dr. Kisor Kumar SahuAssociate ProfessorYes
48Dr. Soobhankar PatiAssociate ProfessorYes
49Dr. Syed Hilal FarooqAssociate ProfessorYes
50Dr. Sandeep PattnaikAssociate ProfessorYes
51Dr. Raj Kumar SinghAssociate ProfessorYes
52Dr. Debadatta SwainAssociate ProfessorYes
53Dr. Sourav SilAssociate ProfessorYes
54Dr. Dukhabandhu SahooAssociate ProfessorYes
5SDr. Bimal Kishore SahooAssociate ProfessorYes
56Dr. Amrita SatapathyAssociate ProfessorYes
57Dr. Punyashree PandaAssociate ProfessorYes
S8Dr. Akshaya Kumar RathAssociate ProfessorYes
59Dr. Anamitra BasuAssociate ProfessorYes
60Dr. Hemant KumarAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
61Dr. Nirmalendu AcharyyaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
62Dr. Abhishek ChowdhuryAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
63Dr. Kousil‹ SamantaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
64Dr. Tuhin PatraAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
65Dr. Bankim Chandra MandalAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
66Dr. Aneesh MAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
67Dr. lndrajit JanaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
68Dr. Arpan DuttaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
69Dr. Neelam SaikiaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
70Dr. Dipankar DeAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
71Dr. Olive RayAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
72Dr. Srinivas PinisettyAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
73Dr. Srinivas BoppuAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
74Dr. Debapratim GhoshAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
75Dr. Nijwm WaryAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
76Dr. Siddhartha Suruj BorkotokyAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
77Dr. Goutam MondalAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
78Dr. Shantanu PatraAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
79Dr. Meenu RamadanAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
80Dr. Devesh PuneraAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
81Dr. Anush Konayakanahalli ChandrappaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
82Dr. Mohammad Masiur RahamanAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
83Dr. Srinivasa Ramanujam KannanAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
84Dr. Gaurav BartaryaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
85Dr. Venugopal ArumuruAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
86Dr. Pattabhi Ramaiah BudarapuAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
87Dr. Suvradip MullickAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
88Dr. Soham RoychowdhuryAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
89Dr. ChetanAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
90Dr. Partha Sarathi DeAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
91Dr. Kodanda Ram MangipudiAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
92Dr. Sivaiah BathulaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
93Dr. Rama Krushna SabatAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
94Dr. Maya Katapadi KiniAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
95Dr. Yengkhom Kesorjit SinghAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
96Dr. Simontini SensarmaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
97Dr. Nihar Ranjan JenaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
98Dr. Avishek BhandariAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
99Dr. Ashna Mary JacobAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
100Dr. Swathi Krishna SAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
101Dr. Aparna PandeyAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
102Dr. Sreetama MisraAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
103Dr. Richa ShuklaAssistant Professor Gr-IYes
104Dr. Akash Ashirbad PandaAssistant Professor Gr-IIYes
105Dr. Suman DebAssistant Professor Gr-IIYes
106Dr. Soumya Ranjan SahooAssistant Professor Gr-IIYes
107Dr. Divyansh PatelAssistant Professor Gr-IIYes
108Dr. Mahendaran UchimaliAssistant Professor Gr-IIYes
109Dr. R Venkata RaghavanAssistant Professor Gr-IIYes
110Shri. Debaraj RathRegistrarYes
111Sri Manas Kumar BeheraDeputy RegistrarYes
112Shri. Pradeep Kumar SahooDeputy RegistrarYes
113Dr. Sailendra Narayan RoutrayAssistant RegistrarYes
114Shri Ankit Parmanand BagdeAssistant RegistrarYes
115Shri. Bibhuti Bhusan SahooDeputy LibrarianYes
116Shri Sambhunath SahooAssistant LibrarianYes
117Shri Sanku DasSystem EngineerYes
118Shri Chandra VaddeSoftware EngineerYes
119Shri Anuj PradhanSuperintending Engineer (Civil)Yes
120Shri Biswaranjan PradhanExecutive Engineer(Electrical)Yes
121Dr. Mansoor Ahmed KhanSenior Medical OfficerYes
122Dr. Gagandeep Kaur MakkarStudent CounsellorYes
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