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Residents' Clubs

Aanand (Kids Activity Center)

The club organises and conducts activities for the holistic development of the children residing in the campus, which includes nature walk, picnic/trips/ visits, kid’s movie club, story telling sessions, fun-n-learn sessions, regular Modern Dance classes, Drawing class, children’s Library, Sports coaching for children by the Gymkhana and Interactive sessions with experts for their social-emotional development. Summer camp activities such as painting, art n craft sessions, no-fire cooking, dance camp, sports camp, etc are also organised.


Dr. Sapna Khan

Ms. Suhana Parween

Dr. Sreetama Mishra

Dr. Snigdha Sanyal


Mrs. Shruti Karmalkar (Patron)


Location: Aanand, A1-001(next to KV building) 

 Email: aanandkidac@iitbbs.ac.in

  1. Modern Dance class by Mr. Madhusudan Rao(Sanskriti Dance Academy, Jatni): Mondays and Tuesdays; 6pm-7pm.
  2. Drawing class by Mr. Tapan: Thursdays; 6.45pm.
  3. Sports coaching for badminton, athletics and football currently: Monday-Friday; 4pm-5pm.

Kindly Note: Updates of the monthly scheduled regular activities and other planned activities are sent to all the residents via e-mail.

Eligibility to Join

 For children above 6 years of age. (Age 5+ for Modern Dance enrollment)

Avani (Gardening club)

The gardening club “Avani – The Earth”, is established to bring together the residents of the campus close to the mother Earth and nature. 

Scope of the club

  •     Create a platform for gardening enthusiasts among the campus residents to get together and share ideas and activities
  •     Develop organic kitchen gardening within the campus by interested members

o   An assigned area is divided into small plots and given to interested members on annual basis, where they can do organic gardening

  •     Create awareness among campus community about organic foods, healthy eating
  •     Encourage sustainable waste disposal, by creating organic compost for the garden
  •     Create enthusiasm among children in understanding and interacting with nature

Dr. Kiranmayi Landu

Ms. Madhuri Kodandaram

Ms. SwatiPriya




Gardening enthusiasts work in the Avani garden every day and maintain their own plots. Occasional activities like plantation drive are held on special occasions.

Eligibility to Join

All IITBBS employees residing in the campus can join

Feminine Fusion (Ladies club)

This club mainly focuses on socio-cultural activities and encourages the enterprises for the campus ladies.Suppose if anyone is interested in some enterprises; that could be in any form, like stitching, cooking, music, making some gift items etc. This club will promote them by organizing cookery demos, exhibitions of their arts/skills etc.

This club does monthly get-togethers, awareness programs for ladies, celebrates women’s day, mother’s day and festivals.


Dr. Kajari Chatterjee (President)

Ms. Sangita Sahu (Secretary)

Ms. Brahannayaki Sekkar (Treasurer)


Location: A2-601, Club House 

Email: femininefusion@iitbbs.ac.in

Dr. Kajari Chatterjee

Ms. Sangita Sahu

Ms. Brahannayaki Sekkar


Monthly get together ( 2 nd or 3 rd weekend of every month, particular date will be informed through mail/whatsapp group)

Upcoming events: Hariyali Teej (19 th Aug, 2023)

Eligibility to Join

All ladies of IIT Bhubaneswar fraternity. For registration, plz contact any of us. 

Niramay (Health club)

NIRAMAY CLUB is a health club, where we do yoga, meditation, warm-up activities,  and aerobics. 


Palli Mishra

Sandya Eranki

Niharika Sahoo


 Evening session. 6pm to 7pm

Eligibility to Join

All IITBBS employees residing in the campus can join


Parampara (Classical & Traditional Arts)

The main goal of this club is to promote and nurture the traditional culture, classical music, classical dance, art and crafts, etc., among the campus  residents.


Tanusri Mondal


Jaisri Narasimman

Rajalaxmi Mishra

Suman Rath

Advisor: Shruti Karmalkar


Location:B2-001 (in front of the Director’s bungalow)

 Email: parampara@iitbbs.ac.in


Odishi Classical and Sambalpuri folk dance:

Batch 1: Every Wednesday and Friday from 5 pm to 6:30 pm

Batch 2: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 am to 10:00 am

Opening soon:                 (a) Classical Violin                 (b) Art and craft for adults

Eligibility to Join

IIT Bhubaneswar campus residents above the age of 4 years

Saha Astitva (Human-Animal co-existence club)

Sah Astitva, the animal welfare committee, is the brainchild of Dr. Richa Shukla, who also happens to be the one of the founding members of the committee alongside Dr. Prama Bhattacharya. Currently we have a team of 30 members from B.tech, M.tech and M.Sc who all happen to be either cynophiles or ailurophiles at heart. With one representative from each of the hostels, the committee is actively involved in feeding the dogs near the hostels at particular feeding points, at least once a day. Water bowls are also kept and refilled from time to time by the volunteers of Sah Astitva. Some of the future plans of the committee include organising an informal round table with the IIT BBS community regarding sensitisation about animal welfare, onboarding a veterinarian to visit the campus from time to time and help with the injured animals and start with the vaccination of the dogs in the campus.


Dr. Richa Shukla 


Email: richashukla@iitbbs.ac.in

Eligibility to Join

We welcome volunteers above 18 years. 

Vaisharadya (Senior Citizen's club),

Background: With the rapid changes in social scenario, busy lifestyles of family members, and lack of interaction with contemporaries, the elderly often face emotional, physical, psychological problems. Neglect their problems without timely intervention may lead to depression, loneliness, and other health issues like dementia. Formation of a club for senior citizens to listen to their problems, lessen their loneliness, and provide them a platform to interact with fellow senior citizens can be beneficial for our elderly.

Objective: Vaisaradya provides the much-needed platform to senior citizens to have their social life back. It would provoke them to share their problems without any inhibitions, have interaction with similar age and like-minded friends, share their stories, and inspire each other. Further club can be used as a place to generate health awareness, motivation to do group walks, mild exercises, and a place to discuss philosophy and spirituality.   


Dr. Nitya Tiwari

Dr. Swathi Krishna

Mrs. Bishnupriya

Mrs. Radhika Patro


Email: vaisharadya@iitbbs.ac.in


Proposed schedule (to be finalized after discussion with coordinators and club members)

  1. Meditation Monday
  2. Tuesday Talents (singing, cooking demo, book discussions)
  3. Bhajan Budhwaar
  4. Gardening Guruwaar (plantation, walks)
  5. Fun Fridays (games)
  6. Satsang Saturdays 
  7. Sunshine Sunday (Interactive session at Anand children’s club, temple visit, other activities to be carried in collaboration with ladies club )
Eligibility to Join

IIT residents (Age above 60 years)

Vatsalaya Logo

Vatsalya (Creche or day care center)

The day care facility “Vatsalya” is mainly for those kids whose both parents are working. In the absence of parents children will be taken care in home like environment. The goal of this day-care unit/ creche is not only to take care of children in absence of their parents but also to provide them with the best environment for their holistic development.


Ms Shruti Karmalkan (Patron)

Dr. Aparna Pandey (President)

Dr. Stuti Awasthi (Secretary)

Mr Gajendra Behera (Joint Secretary)

Mr Vivek Kedia (Treasure)


Dr. Aparna Pandey (9900076835)

Dr. Stuti Awasthi (8299828080)

Mr Gajendra Behera (9437445585)

Mr Vivek Kedia (7717777595)


Singing, dancing, craft, audio-visual learning and many more extra curricular activities. 

Eligibility to Join

Kids of age between 6 months to 10 yrs.

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